Success In Business In Glasgow

Scotland is known to create successful businesses. It’s a great thing as it improves the economy, gives people jobs and opens up new opportunities. It improves business growth for the area and also the amount of disposable income people have.  An organisation that helps achieve this for individuals is European Circuits in Clydebank.

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Who are EC, let’s look at the history of the organisation and see how they’ve evolved into the company they are today.  They work in the PCB industry, becoming one of the biggest manufacturers in the whole of Europe for this. European Circuits is headed by the director Mark Briscoe while their marketing and lead operations are headed by their marketing manager and keep going to bigger heights.

Customer service is a huge part of their ethos and it helped them grow into the company they are today. Putting customers at the forefront of their mind is helping them not only keep them happy but also get return business.  Each order is completed to the highest possible standard while keeping in mind keeping the completion time to as low as possible.

Some of the services which they offer include SMT, PCB Design and more. The company has brought a lot of economic success to Clydebank.

They’ve made a difference in their online operations too with a brand new website and investment in their SEO operations thats helped made them become more noticeable on search.


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