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Smoking is becoming less and less of a popular thing in Glasgow. Vaping has all added to the demise of smoking which is a great thing. Our question at The Parlour Glasgow is.. what other methods are there out there to quit smoking?

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Vaping is popular but there are other ways to quit. Let’s be honest you can feel quite alone when trying to quit smoking where nobody around you quite gets the struggles that you’re going through.  It can be a daunting task trying to quit.  The first step to going smoke-free is to create a plan. By implementing a plan it can set you on the road to finally kicking the habit. Here are the various methods available that can be part of your plan to quit:

Going cold turkey is one of the first methods people usually consider when wanting to quit. Many people adopt this method when first wanting to quit the habit but usually only 10% are able to stop using tobacco by quitting this way.

Some take the gospel advice from doctors or other medical practitioners. Using a therapist they can find out why you smoke and can give you triggers to make you stop for good.

There are other therapies out there to help you quit for good. One method that is new on the market but is very effective is using laser therapy to quit smoking. There are different stages involved in this not just the laser therapy but also you get counselling and an after care service.

There are such things as nicotine replacements where you don’t smoke but still get the use of tobacco. Inhalers, patches and other methods are used to get the tobacco without the smoke. Don’t forget though that the main objective is to quit smoking and to stop using tobacco all together.

Whatever method you use to quit smoking make sure you take time out and decide as different methods work for different people.

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