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Moving office is a big thing and what comes with this is what office layout can bring the best ROI for the company? Is that the open or closed office. ¬†Which option will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Which will enable your business to grow in a successful organisation that will give you the opportunity to expand? There’s a number of differentials you need to consider when thinking which office design is best suited to you. Let’s check them out.

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The Cost of Set up

You need to think which type of office is more cost effective. Well, initial set up, the open office model is a lot cheaper as you don’t have rooms or walls to install, it’s just about installing desks, chairs, computers etc. The open office is also cheaper to keep cool during the summer months and warmer during the winter. You can change your floor plan in the open office with ease too. Also, rents are cheaper in the open office as you can fit more staff into the building.

Privacy of the office

Sometimes you need to conduct business in private out of the hearing of others in the office. In this instance, a closed office is the better shout. You may want to discuss the direction of the business with your directors or discipline staff members and the only appropriate way to do this is if you have a closed room to do so. If you’re hr consultancy glasgow then a closed office should be the way to go.


Communication in the office

Communication is important for office growth, morale and everything else. During group projects too. The open office is the shout for this one. It also helps improve the relationship between employer and employee.

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