Buying A Home In Scotland

So it’s time to buy a house and let’s be honest it’s probably the biggest expense you’re going to buy in your life. There are tons of things to think about before you see yourself chilling in your living room with a glass of wine relaxing.  The first thing you should be aware before the purchase goes through is to view the home report to make sure everything is as it should be. This report covers the survey, energy report and a questionnaire on the state of the home you’re wanting to buy. It must be commissioned by the people looking to sell the home. There are differences though, home builds that are new and properties that have recently been changed into homes don’t need a home report.

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It’s very normal for buyers in Scotland to ask for as much information on the property as possible before making the big decision about making an offer or not.

Terminology like ‘offers over’  that a date is set when all bids for the home should be in by and the owner will then decide which bid to accept thereafter. Your legal team such as your solicitor will make the big on your behalf.

It can get quite interesting when buying a home as sometimes a bid may be accepted but sometimes another person might come in with a higher bid at the end, when you’re negotiating the sale. It isn’t common though so don’t worry.

Completion of purchase is when you should transfer all the money to the seller. This is when you can enter the property.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, looking for a sunroom extension or just a quote, there’s loads of great building merchants in Glasgow to choose from.

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