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We live in a country that loves sport. We have the best scenery around to produce the best sports stars in the world. Us Scots are passionate about life and sport in general. Ally McCoist, Andy Murray and Chris Hoy are just some of the sporting greats to have been born here. Although we live in a climate that doesn’t have the best weather that allows us to go outside half the year and enjoy sport, we’ve still been able to do well in the sporting arena despite the drawbacks we have. ¬†Winter sports are popular here too like skiing and snowboarding

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There’s a number of sports which started in Scotland and this includes Golf and Rugby. A lot of people around the world think that football was also invented here but that’s not the case. Our neighbours, England was the home of football although we do have some of the best football clubs here like Rangers.

The Tartan Army, the Scottish football fans of the national team are some of the best in the world too. Bringing passion, openness, beer and general positive vibes to every single game.  Fans from different nations can sit beside the Scottish fans without hassle. Football fans from Brazil could for example.

Whatever the reason, when you come to Scotland, you’re going to enjoy sport. We suggest taking in an old firm football match as the intensity between the two club sides, Rangers and Celtic is unmatched anywhere in the world.

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