Glasgow Success

Our city is a great place to grow a business. Glasgow and Scotland as a whole has a worldwide reputation as a place where you can build a business and help the economy at the same time. By doing this you can make your business in communities the cornerstone, a place where it helps the whole town.  One company that comes to mind is the Clydebank Cooperative. The company employees many people in the town of Clydebank while being the smallest cooperative institution in Scotland.

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The Clydebank Cooperative is the only one that has never been nationalised and despite this, the business and the area is improving all the time. Going from strength to strength.  In  2013, the company changed retail partners, from the Cooperative to work with Keystore instead.

The Clydebank Cooperative are so community driven that they enable other businesses to grow too. They let small businesses (for little rent) use space in their building to set up shop. This is for vendors of all kinds including furniture sellers.

The company also makes money in other ways too like with their funerals glasgow business.

A business sometimes isn’t about just making money it’s about making the company a place the community can rely on, can be proud of, can keep towns going. The Clydebank Cooperative does this and more. Let’s hope the company continues to grow.

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